Thai Yoga Bodywork Session


We pray for the one whom we touch, that he will be happy and that any illness will be released from him.

~ from the Thai Massage Mantra

Thai Massage was actually developed in India by an ayurvedic doctor, which is why it is sometimes called “Thai Yoga Massage,” or just “Thai Yoga.”  It has also become widely known (affectionately and humorously) as “Lazy Man’s Yoga.”  But you don’t need to be non-yoga person to enjoy the benefits of this healing modality; yogis can and do, too.  It feels so good not only to receive another person’s touch, but also to be assisted into stretches, some of which might be just a bit elusive for you in your own stretching practice.  I also offer deep tissue work during the sessions, plus the option of therapeutic AcroYoga, which involves putting the client into the “Folded Leaf” position — an excellent way to decompress the spine and it feels great!   Sessions conclude with deep relaxation and the healing sound of the didgeridoo.

Sessions are 90 minutes.

Cost: $108

For a Helpful Article on the Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage, Click HERE


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