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Learning to Let Go Yoga & Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica, May 21-28, 2016


Learning to Let Go Yoga & Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica

Dates: May 21-28, 2016

Location: Pura Vida Spa in Costa Rica (

The whole process of yoga is a learning to let go. Letting go of what? Of all that we have learned that has covered over our inner light and blocked our awareness of love’s ever-presence. During this magical week together we will be working on releasing those stagnant places within ourselves to enjoy a more dynamic free flow of energy. We will do that by various health & wellness modalities, including twice daily yoga sessions, massage and bodywork, spa treatments, spiritual wisdom teachings, breathwork, sacred song, the yoga swing, conscious films, delicious food, and enlivening excursions. And there will be plenty of free time, too, to just be & enjoy the beauty & wonder of it all in a land called Pura Vida.

Allowah has been on the yoga and spiritual path for nearly 30 years and has much to share from his engagement with various spiritual traditions, including Kabbalah, Yoga, Plant Spirit Medicine, and A Course in Miracles. For more about him, please visit his website:

Allowah will be joined by the very gifted Ali Gardella as co-teacher and faciltator, who will also be offering massage and Reiki. Dr. Gerry Segal will also be offering massage and bodywork.

Cost of Retreat: $1700 and up

Contact # (239) 592-0898


❤ Pura Vida ❤


Introducing the Ohmazing Yoga Swing


      The Yoga Swing is a great new way to stretch, strengthen, and invert your body in a safe and fun way. It can take your yoga practice to a whole other level. It’s also easy to travel with and makes a great gift!   What we are offering is essentially 20-40% off the regular price of the basic yoga swing (parachute model), including a personalized skype class ($20 value) that will teach you how to install and use your swing in a safe way.

We also work with , the maker of some of the best yoga swings on the market today.  Their swings are of the best quality and most durable, though they are also more expensive, so this option is for those who have the $ to spend for a higher-end product.  Also highly recommended!


Talia in the original parachute model.




Full Cost of Swing & Class Together:

 $160 (includes shipping)


Most Major Colors Available.

SPECIAL! Purchase 5 Swings, Get One Free

 Contact Us for Bulk Orders:

To Prepare for your Swing, PLEASE Watch the Following Videos…

Here’s a video we created with the amazing yogini Sasha Dae in Nosara, Costa Rica:

Here’s one of Allowah teaching some Yoga Swing basics on Maui:


And this one is by Yogi Zen, the creator of the yoga swing:

Nice little video on how to install your swing once you get it:

You can email us @ for more info.

Thank You & Hope to Swing With You Soon!

Om Shanti ~ Allowah @ Yoga University

3~’ 3~’ 3~’


Video Testimonials

“STOKED TO MY CORE !!! I just received my yoga swing, up side down hammock creative handle climb and stretch play tool in the rafters under roof in the gentle Haiku wind…. ah, I am stretching to new horizons in there.

       Mahalo for this item that was/is my inner child dream . Mahalo Talia and Allowah to make my dream come true… Anyone would love the ease of use and ease of installation ! LOVE IT !!! BODY MEDICINE.”

                                                            ~ Stephanie, Maui