Welcome to Allowah & The Great Yoga Quest

This site has two main purposes...

The primary purpose is to provide great resources to you on your “quest” for understanding.

The site tagline “resources for the liberated yogi” plays on the word “liberation” which obviously means “freedom,” but can also be read as “liber-ation,” with the suggestion that freedom can be found through reading (liber = book, as in library) and reflecting on and applying what we read.   This is part of the yogic path called “Jnana Yoga,” which some have called the highest and quickest path to moksha, or liberation.  Thus this site will provide you with a good deal of thoughtful writing  to read for those of you who are ready.

The other purpose of this site is to let you know about my current events and offerings.  Please click on the “offerings” tab for more about this.

My intention in all of this is to provide you with the most useful information and services that I can that will truly help you in your life.  Thank you for being here, come on in…

Namasté _/\_  Allowah