Ecstatic Breathwork Session

Although I am here calling this form of breathwork, “Ecstatic Breathwork,” I have also called it “Radical Forgiveness Breathwork,” because that is the focus I take during the session.  In a sense, though, the name doesn’t really matter, and there are by now many different forms of this kind of breathwork that are available (Holotropic, Shamanic, and Transformational Breathwork, just to name a few).  Because when it comes down to it, the essential thing is deep, connected breathing for a long time.  This alone can do wonders, and over the years of offering these sessions numerous times I have observed some rather remarkable shifts occur.  People are generally amazed at the power of the breath!  I know I was.  So much that I was very inspired to offer this!

For some of the many benefits of this form of breathwork, click HERE

For a blog post I did about the kind of breathwork I offer, click HERE

For more information, please contact me at, or call: (239) 592-0898.

Sessions are 2-3 Hours

Cost: $180

Group Sessions also available: $40 person, 4 person minimum.


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