Individual or Group Yoga Session


Yoga means to yoke, to join together, to unify.

The more we live in a state of yoga, the more we are in harmony and balance with what is.

And when we are in a place of peace in body, mind, and spirit, the more effective we will be in giving that greatest gift to others.

It is my intention that every session I offer restores you to a place of true yoga, a place of ease and grace and a way to return to that place should you temporarily stray from it.

So that is the goal, and the means to that goal can be any number of modalities or methods.  I am skilled in the areas of Gentle/Beginner Yoga, Kundalini, Ashtanga, AcroYoga, Partner/Couples, Aerial Yoga (the Yoga Swing), The Five Tibetans, and Vinyasa Flow.  My athletic training, particularly long distance running, has helped me to become particularly skilled at working with athletes.  Getting to know my own mind-body connection better over the years, I recognize the power of the physical practice to bring greater focus, clarity, charity, and many other desirable qualities.  I also teach Pranayama and provide guidance in regard to the “inner limbs” of Raja Yoga, leading to meditation and samadhi.

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Cost per session: $108.

ps. Here is a video of me teaching The Five Tibetans in Costa Rica…