Individual or Group Yoga Session

A yoga session tailored to your needs and in a location of your choosing. Click Here.

Personalized Yoga Teacher Training, 1 Year

An in-depth one-on-one program tailored specifically to your needs. Click Here.

Sound Healing Session with Didgeridoo

Sound healing bath with didgeridoo, toning, and essential oils.   Click Here.

Thai Bodywork Session

A deep stretch and release, including didgeridoo and essential oils. Click Here.

Ecstatic Breathwork Session

A individualized breathwork session to release trauma and feel better. Click Here.

Shamanic Ceremony

Explore the depths of the psyche for a deeper healing and life transformation. Click Here.

Relationship Counseling

One-on-one or couples mediation toward a more loving relationship. Click Here.

Health & Wellness Coaching

Develop a personalized plan and program to reach your goals. Click Here.

Satsang/Sacred Space

An open space of presence in which to find guidance. Click Here.