Health & Wellness Coaching

Heyam Dukham Anagatam ~ Future Suffering in Preventable

~ The Yoga Sutras

One of the most helpful things in this world is an “accountability partner,” someone who helps us to stay on track with our health and life goals.  And it helps even more if our accountability partner is accomplished in the areas that we are seeking success, and genuinely wants to see you reach your goals.

This is an invitation for me to be that partner for you.

Yoga can be seen as the science and art of preventive maintenance.  As the Yoga Sutras suggest, we do not have to wait until there is a problem to fix it, we can be proactive in our health and wellbeing.  Waiting until there is a problem can be costly, while taking small proactive steps each day pays off in the end.  While it can be challenging to take on a little bit of discipline in our lives, what is the alternative?

I am now in my mid-40s and have not seen a doctor for many years, nor do I take any prescription medication. I also have never worn glasses or contacts.  My health is excellent and I feel at ease in my skin.   I look a lot younger than my biological age.

I attribute all this first and foremost to having had a strong desire from early on to remain fit and healthy, to look good and to feel good.  That desire made me attract things into my life that would help make that wish come true.  Yoga was a revelation, and by yoga I also include meditation and self-reflection.  Actually, those aspects of yoga are primary, as our health and well-being really starts in our mind, in our moment-to-moment choices.

So again, this is an invitation to go on a journey with me toward living a life that is consistently free of anxiety, worry, suffering, and is filled with joy, peace, love, health and harmonious relationships.   Together we will come up with a viable and sustainable plan that will help you to reach your goals at the pace at which you are ready.  As such, our relationship could last a month, 9 months, 3 years, or longer.  The cost will depend on the plan that we co-create.

To learn more about this opportunity, please contact me at, or call: (239) 592-0898.


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