Didgeridoo Sound Healing Session


Sound healing is now one of the most well-regarded healing modalities, and the didgeridoo in particular has become increasingly utilized by sound healers.  My first instrument was the trumpet and so it’s little surprise that I was to later trumpet the didgeridoo as the amazing healing tool that it is.   Coming to the didgeridoo from out of my exploration of yoga, I immediately recognized that the “didge” (as it’s affectionately abbreviated) essentially makes a very powerful AUM (or OM) sound that seems to have the power to unblock trapped emotions and bring a deeper sense of calm and connection.  People have also reported having a psychedelic experience!

My sound healing sessions are always unique and tailored to your needs.  If you would like more information, please contact me at allowah13@gmail.com, or call: (239) 592-0898.

For a nice article on the benefits of the didgeridoo, click HERE.

For a short piece that a local Florida publication did on my and the didge, click HERE.

Sessions are 90 minutes.

Cost: $108

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