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Pre-Order “Who Am I? Yoga, Psychedelics and the Quest for Enlightenment”


About this project

Dear Readers!

I am very pleased to offer “Who Am I? Yoga, Psychedelics and the Quest for Enlightenment” to the world…

This project has been 8 years in the making and has taken countless hours of research, writing, marketing, editing, and now fundraising. It’s finally time to get it out and that feels good.

I’ve been writing my whole life and always knew that I would be an author, I was just looking for a subject that I would feel so passionate about that I could not NOT write a book about it. Well, the subject that this book deals with is just that for me, it was just too juicy to not dive into wholeheartedly.

And if you know me, you know that when I get into something, I really immerse myself in it; or, switching metaphors, it becomes all-consuming. Which is also one reason I am seeking your help, because all the time committed to this project has not afforded me as much time to devote to more profitable undertakings.

I believe that the subject matter of this book is of the highest import for each and every one of us because it deals head on with 2 of the most important topics of our time: Yoga and Psychedelics. Considering these subjects deeply with me in this book will be in and of itself a spiritual practice, if not enlightening.

(And, even though we all know not to judge a book by its cover, we also know that a “picture says a thousand words” and sometimes it is the cover alone that says it all — or at least all that one may need at that moment. I want to say right now that I LOVE the cover that Alexander Ward created for this project, and trust it will bring more readers to this book. Alexander is a brilliant visionary artist, you can learn more about him here: http://www.alexanderward.co.uk.)

I’m not going to go into all of the “story” and my process here, because after all, that’s what the book’s for, but I will say that I am not alone in this process, and I do know that there are many right now who will benefit from this book, because it is very much of this moment. It opens the door wide on a debate and discussion that will be with us for a long time yet. And I do feel that it will bring YOU that much closer to an answer to the universal question that lies at the heart of our collective spiritual quest: Who Am I?

Thank you for your help with getting this out and in your hands!

Namasté & AHO! : ) Allowah

Ps. And here’s a special message from my editor and award-winning author, Brian Francis Heffron:

Today I am delighted to tell you about a bold and informative new book created & designed for people just like you: people who are seeking spiritual answers to all the most important questions of our lives. Eight years in the making, Who Am I? Yoga, Psychedelics and the Quest for Enlightenment represents countless hours of research, numerous in-depth interviews, and months of organizing and editing all that material into a final polished, comprehensive, and accessible book.

Spirituality is a clearly a subject Allowah is very passionate about. He totally immersed himself in the mysteries of consciousness and enlightenment; topics that are for him, deeply engaging. Allowah’s book explores the practices of Yoga and Psychedelics, both individually, separately, and in combination. It’s time for his writing to meet his readers, and so he is seeking your help. Simply reading it will gently guide you on your own personal journey towards enlightenment. .

Allowah is not the only person in the world seeking spiritual answers to ultimate questions; there are many, many people who are also asking big questions, and who would benefit from an encounter with this book. “Who Am I? Yoga, Psychedelics and the Quest for Enlightenment” opens the door to mysteries we have all pondered. The goal of the book is to bring YOU, the reader, answers to these universal, timeless questions.

This kick-starter effort is a major milestone in bringing this book into the world. By reaching out into the world’s spiritual community for assistance, Allowah is casting his bread upon the water. How can you get involved? How can you help? How can you get your questions answered? Today you can pre-order a copy of Who Am I? Yoga, Psychedelics and the Quest for Enlightenment, right here, right now, right on this page!

Thank you in advance for your help in birthing this informative and eye-opening book. Please join us by following the instructions below to pre-order your copy of “Who Am I? Yoga, Psychedelics and the Quest for Enlightenment” today. Read it and be part of the spiritual solution. Thank you again for your time and consideration. ~ BFH


Some Advance Praise for “Who Am I?”

“This book MUST be read by people. Period.”

~ John Allen Gibel, Yoga Teacher & Scholar


“The author’s new book dealing with an important topic on the history of yoga is a very engrossing read and a very unique book. In exploring its topic areas with the author, we feel as if we are falling down the rabbit hole hand-in-hand with him. He treats his exploration with the intellectual honesty, respect, and open-mindedness it deserves and the reader is drawn into the narrative by the lucidity of his prose and by his ever-expanding exploration of this fascinating area of study. Drawing upon a wide array of “seekers” who have come before him, the author presents a straightforward and engaging narrative that investigates his topic for anyone and everyone on the road to enlightenment. The fact that there are no other books on the market that engages this specific subject makes this book’s appeal that much greater.”

~ Anne Dillon, Project Editor, Inner Traditions, Bear & Company, Rochester, Vermont “


“Just read the manuscript. Really liked it.”

~ Ganga White, Director of White Lotus and author of Yoga Beyond Belief


“Am reading your book. I think it’s important and well-written.”

~ Alisande Sweeney, Permaculturist


“Wow brother… just after a couple pages I’m hooked… I really really like it and your writing style. Please understand that I’m not just trying to make you feel good… it’s really really excellent.”

~ Joe Marshalla, Author of Repeatlessness


“Good read. Well written and held my attention, up after midnight a few nights not wanting to put it down.”

~ Carey Turnbull, veteran TM teacher & yoga scholar


“Wow!!!!!!! Just need to tell u I can’t put it down…Reading excerpts every night even when I’m thoroughly exhausted…It’s very engaging and written from such a deeply intimate place…Truly exceptional and unique in its honesty and your sharing these parts of your history and experience are a gift to anyone who will be fortunate enough to read it.”

~ Marie Colandrea, Yoga Student & Teacher

A Balance of Roots & Wings: The Bliss of Flying Yoga

“There are two lasting bequests we can give our children:
One is roots, the other is wings.”

 ~ Hodding Carter

      There’s a new a new yoga craze sweeping the nation: Acro-Yoga (which we call “Flying Yoga” — see below). Actually, this style of yoga has officially been around for nearly a decade or more already (click HERE for more), but it’s only in the last few years or so that it’s really taken off. Before that, it was known in yoga circles, but no one had yet made it into its own unique, identifiable, trademarked brand of yoga. In reality, it’s probably a pretty ancient practice, maybe as old as the circus (not to mention something that mommies and daddies do with their kids all the time!) In the world of yoga, it’s at least as old as the 1930s when the “godfather” of modern yoga, TVK Krishnamacharya, taught it to his students, who did public, circus-like yoga demonstrations to advertise the power of yoga to the world. Here’s a link to a Youtube video showing the master and his students practicing this form of yoga:

      So why did it take so long for this type of yoga to catch on, one might wonder? It’s so fun, everyone seems to love it. Well, I would suggest it’s at least partly because there has been some lightening up and loosening of boundaries in the yoga world, and this is probably a good thing. It also seems that when something gets trademarked, branded, and made into a system, there’s much more of a chance of it really becoming an identifiable entity in its own right, a household term.

       Before I go on, let me just say a little something about the name for this kind of yoga, and why I do not use the term “Acro-Yoga.”

       Personally, I prefer the designation “Flying Yoga” not only because I have never officially been trained in “Acro,” but because it sounds too much like we’re doing circus tricks. This isn’t any put down of the founders of Acro, Jason Nemer and Jenny Klein. No, they are well grounded in the yoga tradition, and they also acknowledge that when we are doing any kind of yoga, it’s really the inner work being done — the qualities of courage, trust, perserverance, patience, listening, etc. — that are really the most important, not necessarily what we can do. On the other hand, when we see a pose artfully done, or a move gracefully executed, we generally give props because we know what it must have taken to get there (however many incarnations — in this lifetime, or ones before!)

      I prefer the term “Flying Yoga” because we do really fly high when we do this kind of yoga, it’s so much fun, and even blissful (more below on this). On the other hand, perhaps the designation “Roots & Wings” would be even better, to highlight the fact that in order for one person to fly (the “Flyer”), the person who is assisting (the “Base”) must be really very well grounded to make it all possible! As it is with every “flight” we take in life — we won’t be airborne for long if we don’t have a stable foundation to support it!

My Flying Yoga Story

    Although I have been practicing yoga for the past 19 years, admittedly it is really only in the last 5 that I have gotten into Flying Yoga. Early on, I found a great partner in crime, my friend Ali Gardella (who also assists with our Yoga Teacher Trainings). People see us now and are fairly amazed at what we can do, but little do they know that Ali had to take many a one for the team to get to where we are now. Yes, she ate sand numerous times on the beach here in Naples as we were learning how to do our flying stunts. Ali, a grandmother of 2 has been a super flying trooper, always ready to try new things and No one would ever suspect that she is a grandmother!

     Ali also knows how fun it is! And yoga of all things should have at least a little fun to balance out the discipline!

     So anyway, you can thank Ali when I take you without a hitch from “Folded Leaf” into the “Bat Pose,” or have you stand and balance on my hands, etc.

    More recently, I have begun “flying” with another truly amazing yogini, Meenakshi Angel Honig, who has been practicing and teaching yoga for the past 4 decades, currently residing at the Spirit of Aloha on Maui. Angel is an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher with so much wisdom to share! It is a great honor for me to work together with her and we are really so blessed to have her joining us on the teaching staff of our yoga program at the Spirit of Aloha.

     I would also like to highlight one intriguing element in our working together: The fact that Angel actually experiences Kundalini Shakti through practicing Flying Yoga, which is why she calls it “The Yoga of Bliss.” She feels it has to do with the energy being released by pressure of the Base’s feet against the sacrum. [This makes perfect sense to me. Yesterday at Earth Day I spoke with a woman who believes her recent spontaneous kundalini awakening was directly related to her hooping practice, specifically by the pressure of the hoop against her sacrum.]

     Angel and I have already choreographed 2 Flying Yoga “peaces” (as Angel calls them), and I have posted the Youtube videos of these below. The first is a piece set to Josh Groban’s version of “You Raise Me Up,” which Angel chose as a perfect soundtrack for Flying Yoga.  I think you’ll agree it’s not bad at all for our first month working together, and somewhat sporadically at that:

The second “peace” Angel and I co-created is a Flying Yoga tribute to Whitney Houston, using her incredibly beautiful song from The Bodyguard, “I Will Always Love You.”

And here are two other “peaces” that Angel and I have created more recently for your viewing pleasure:

     I feel really good about the work that Angel and I have done together, mainly because for me it fulfills something that I have for a long time now wanted to do with my asana practice, which is to turn it into a work of art, expressing, as Rodney Yee has put it, the “Poetry of the Body.” And that is is just its outward expression, of course. Asana’s inward expression is greater awareness and self-knowledge, health, bliss, peace, freedom, and love of life. May it be so for us all!

Love, Allowah

For a nice piece on Jason & Jenny and Acro Yoga, click HERE: